Writing a Mystery eBook – Eight Points to Ponder Well.

You just can’t tell why your mystery eBooks are not turning out to be mysterious at all. But don’t worry. Things can improve with these few tips if you apply them to your work now.

Writing a book requires precision, attention, and creativity! You can not actually come up with an idea without researching the trending niche in the market. Writing mysterious fictional books is not as easy as we think of it! A person has to be very diligent, and creative to come up with situations that engage the readers.

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Mystery Comes from More than Just Plot

The team here at LogoCorps have put together a small and curated list of tips that can be useful for any mystery writer, whether they are aspiring to write their first mystery eBook or if they have already written a few, and just need to up their game.


Elevate Your Mystery eBooks and Stories with These Simple Tips

It is now time to take what you know and throw it all out the window. We here at LogoCorps have put together the best guide to get you started in building up suspense, excitement, and create excellent, atmospheric thrill rides!


Tip #1: Don’t Hesitate to Give Out Information

There is always one particular thing that every good mystery eBook contains, and that is an abundance of information provided to the audience. Most writers would think that this is completely contradictory to what mystery truly is about, but they are missing the point.

A good mystery story does not hold back on information, but rather, uses information to build the mystery around something. Your reader needs to be anxious about something to feel the mystery. Anxiety is about having too little information about something, or simply having just enough information to know it is something, but not knowing exactly what.

A reveal in a mystery eBook is only as good as the buildup to it, and the buildup requires suspense and regular release of information.


Tip #2: Counter the Mystery with Something Else

Almost any genre of film, music, or books contains contrasts. A drama story contains humor to balance things. Revenge stories are tragic, and contain excitement and humor for some balance, perhaps some action too. Mystery is the same as well. Humor creates a balance. That is why most comedy films that use drama and action to drive the humor than the other way around succeed.

The same applies to mystery eBooks. Horror and comedy are two contrasting aspects of any story, and using both can elevate it significantly. The horror and mystery sets up the suspense and tension, and comedy provides the release.

The type of comedy should be chosen, though, as not all kinds of humor are generally humorous in such situations. Moreover, having this mixture of humor and mystery all the time does not work either. A dramatic moment cannot have a tension release if it is meant to be taken seriously.

A good mystery eBook uses these in moderation, and only provides the balance when the situation needs it. Sometimes, you should let the mystery be mysterious.


Tip #3: Start of Your Mystery eBook with a Bang!

A good mystery eBook follows similar rules to an action-focused film. Start off with something that hooks the viewer, than use that to build up the story and slowly raise the tension—and the stakes.

This is a tried and tested method to make any story be more effective. Readers tend to want catharsis, and providing that right at the start primes them up for more, so that when you do make that reveal, it hits the reader better than you ever hoped.

This type of approach has even been used by the Horror-Mystery savant, Alfred Hitchcock himself. There is a reason he was dubbed ‘The Master of Suspense” after all.


Tip #4: Your Setting is More Than Just Background

Any good horror and mystery setting should not be treated as background material. The best horror movies, for example, use the towns they are set in as part of the story.

The Overlook hotel is one of the best examples of using a location and the setting to elevate the story. The primary protagonist slowly losing his mind would be a great story on its own, but what makes that story more believable and grounded is the oppressive atmosphere of the Overlook hotel. We will also talk about what the atmosphere is later on.

A mystery eBook needs this sort of a township or a setting that can be its own character. A mystery town can be seen as ‘rejecting’ an outsider, for example, while the residents of the town feel eerie and unwelcoming, just like the Overlook hotel.


Tip #5: Atmosphere Can Do Anything

Atmosphere builds up the mystery element more than anything else can. Here, the atmosphere is not what you were taught in science class. Any writer knows that atmosphere is about the general environment, and how it fits into the story.

Think of the H.P. Lovecraft and his cosmic horror and mystery novels. They rely heavily on the atmosphere and setting. The setting of Innsmouth is oppressive, dark, and damp, perfect for an uncomfortable experience that brings the reader out of it and forces them to look at it as some other world.

The background and setting is one of your greatest tools. It can be incorporated into the story, the drama, and you can create one of the best mystery eBooks from a great atmosphere alone. Readers love to be immersed, and what better way to do it than to have the atmosphere be as mysterious as possible.

Abandoned locations can also make for an eerie atmosphere. Shutter Island is an example of mystery done right, with the reader being sprinkled with information. A good mystery thriller like that can also use the information to be left to piece together for the audience.

The film adaptation improves upon it by using fire and water to represent the themes of denial and acceptance respectively. Fire is shown in flashbacks, and any scene where Teddy is in denial, and water is symbolizing reality.


Tip #6: Murder in an Alleyway has Already Been Beaten to Death

Sometimes it is best to just do something different than what has been done countless times already. In fact, use the knowledge and meta-knowledge of mystery to create a completely new type of mystery eBook and story.

Some of the best mystery writers understand the clichés and tropes that are most often used, and simply put a new spin on it. Perhaps the murder happens at night too often. So, let your murders happen in broad daylight. In fact, it can add to the mystery, as the readers might wonder how the murderer wasn’t caught killing someone in plain view during the day.

This can also add to the suspense factor in your mystery eBook. A killer that roams out in the open is far more dangerous than one in the dark, because that type of killer fears nothing, and the reader can wonder how the protagonist might hope to win against that type of an enemy.


Tip #7: Slow Down, but Never Stop

It is important to keep your reader on their toes. Every good mystery eBook and story needs to use the setting with different locations to break the action every once in a while.

However, the writer cannot put the action, the drama, the suspense, and the mystery to a stop.

The momentum is necessary to keep the story going. Let your audience breathe once in a while, but it is better to present them with twists and turns then to drag one scene or one plot point on and on. Introduce sub-plots and use them to change the momentum, but keep it going.

Any good mystery eBook needs that momentum to make its suspense effective.


Tip #8: Avoid Overused Tropes for Characters, Narrative, and Themes

Ted Bundy was a real-life serial killer who was known to be so charming and charismatic, that he was trusted and loved by people and society before his crimes were confirmed. As horrifying as that may be, Ted Bundy was the inspiration for many villains and antagonists that did not appear at all as the villains, but were the embodiment of evil.

It does not mean that it cannot be your inspiration for your mystery eBook, either.

In fact, it is a great divergence from the norm, as most regard serial killers as uncharismatic loners who are social pariahs outside of their gruesome activities. While there is certainly truth to that, building excitement and suspense is just as much about misleading as it is about everything else.

So, avoid doing what has been done already, unless it works very well for your story. Go ahead, write a murder in a dark alleyway, but make sure to do something great with it. A cliché can still be used. It just has to be used right, or not at all.


Conclusion | Writing A Mystery eBook For Engaging Readers

Eight points might not be all of them, but they are a good starting point. Unlock your full mystery potential with these eight tips, and write your next mystery eBook magnum opus with us and their sage advice! We always try to come up with the best details, and advice after researching all the related topics on the web. We want our readers to feel satisfied after going through any blog published by our officials. 


Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section. We will get back to you as soon as possible with some more exciting topics! 

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