How To Write A Creative Book - A Complete Guide For Authors

"If there's a book that you want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it."

Anyone can read a book, but we can not expect it from everyone to write a book or even a blog. Just like other skills, writing is also a skill set which requires precision, concentration & dedicated working style just to come up with unique content every time. To pen down the thoughts, with the urge of writing something new that is different from the one you wrote previously is not easy. As an author, or should I say a renowned writer, one has to step out of their comfort zone, and get themselves ready for harsh comments because people here are always ready to pass feedback. Especially when it’s a book or a design.

Me being a writer, and years of experience of giving my thoughts words would like to make one thing clear right away. It’s beneficial for a writer to read as much as possible. By reading other writers' books, or blogs we can get an idea about their writing style, and tone of voice. Every writer has its own verbiage selection that helps them to entice the readers. Writing a book or even a chapter is a hell of a task, which requires reflexive thinking. Hard Work, supreme ambition, and intense vocabulary selection are the core of writing an effective piece of writing. Even a lot of successful writers had to overcome the hardest path of writing to reach a point where they stand right now.

You know if the first page is not interesting, the readers will not proceed with the further pages. So, the writer has a lot of pressure while selecting the words and storyline because if not then, they might lose a potential reader.

In this guide, we will learn the magical steps of writing a creative book, which will appeal to the readers to a great extent.

Things To Consider Before Writing A Book - A Quick Overview

Whether you’re a well known writer, or a new author who recently stepped into the writing world, these are some of the most important questions you should know, otherwise you’re at a big loss! It’s important to have everything clear in your mind, before you make any decision.

1. Who are your target audience and why are you writing this book?

Before writing a book, it’s important to first categorize and know the target audience, and build the topic after finalizing the customer persona. Not just this, the research and the reason behind writing the book should also be clear otherwise your motive is less, writing and compelling without any reason. A writer should be determined with full motivation to write,and compel ideas to better attract the audience.

2. Do you have the mental health, and energy to complete this book till the last page?

Writing a book is a time taking task and one should keep themselves highly motivated and mentally prepared to complete a book till the last page. Some writers start writing a book with full motivation but give up in the end, making it weird. To keep the self motivation higher, is another most important thing one should keep in themselves.

3. Do you have the basic knowledge of the leading characters who’re taking part in this book?

You know writing a book is indeed a difficult task, but giving lives to the characters is another important task. A lot miss out on this and forget to list about the characters to better understand what they want, and how they can take things in a seamless way.

4. In how many days, will you complete this book?

Some people write a book in a time span of one month, or maybe two while some drag it to a year which actually kills the essence of writing, and publishing it meanwhile. Complete the book in a desired time, so you can proceed to the publishing phase.

As for now, we’re clear with phase one of writing a book and all set to start with the detailed writing of a book. Let's get started with the discussion.

How To Write A Book - [Step By Step Guide]

Once you’re clear with phase one, and gathering information regarding characters, completion and plot you’re very close to start writing your first very own book. These writing steps will guide you in writing a dedicated and attractive book which will make your readers read and purchase it.

1. First Decide A Topic For Your eBook

The first and initial step for writing a book is to decide which topic you will cover & how you will keep things sync. If you wish to write a great book, with compelling topics then you definitely require a stunning topic that seems attractive to the readers. All you need to do is to get yourself at a free place, without any distractions, where you can sit and chill constantly discussing the ideas you have in your mind.It can be any place, your home, work place, or even a cage where you can grab a cup of coffee to feel the vibes of the environment & start with your thinking process. You can do it anytime, in the day without any interruption and enjoy the peaceful hours of penning down your thoughts with a compelling topic.

2. Establishing A Consistent Writing Style & Spacing

Every writer has their own writing style, and spacing like the way they distribute the chapters into many for a complete book. Perhaps, once you are already with a compelling topic to start off with your book. Some people prefer to write a 1000 word chapter, while some go for 500 or maybe 600 each. This is what we call writing style, and it differs from writer to writer. Along with writing styles, there is definite spacing as well. Some give a huge space in between writings, while some give minor. That’s how they keep their books customized with their own styles, and readers who love to read their books adore the writing styles and spacing both.

3. Hold On Your Ideas & Thoughts

Wait a second, do you have some thoughts in your mind related to your book? If yes, then hold on to them, because later on you have to write a book and get those ideas filled in the chapters. First get the answer to different questions like, what your book is about? What is so interesting about the book that you decided to write a book on it? Will your audience read your book? If you get an answer about these questions then definitely your ideas are worthwhile.

Moreover, always keep your audience in mind before you start writing anything because for us everything matters! Readers always come up with high expectations that they are going to read something unique and different from the one they used to read previously. Always keep the bars high, and try your maximum to satisfy your readers.

4. Outline The Main Story & Chapters

Start your book with a background in which you’re explaining how the scenario took place, and then start introducing every character one by one. The first chapters keep things a bit confused, because we know how difficult it is to outline the main story and break it into chapters. Always keep the element of curiosity left behind in every chapter so out of curiosity the readers will start reading the next chapters. Don't forget to add a summary in which you’re explaining everything related to the book’s story.

5. Do Your Research & Know How To Pen Down Words

Do you think without research you can start writing a book? Of course not! Before you start writing anything, it's important to first do your research prior to anything, and then start writing chapters one by one. You need to pen down everything, and for that to create scenarios first do some research and then start writing. Research can be diverse, and you have to narrow it down related to your circle of thoughts. Keep your grammar rich, and try to keep everything within the domain of the main topic.

6. Start Writing & Finish Your First Draft

Finish your first draft of writing with all the chapters well satisfied, in a proper format. You can even add pictures to the chapters to make it look appealing & attractive. But remember the first one is your first draft, and you need to edit it further before you put it on publishing.

7. Edit & Proofread Your Draft

Before giving your book for final publishing, edit and proofread it to avoid any mistakes. When we’re writing books, or even small chapters we write in a flow and writers usually make some sort of minor typos and spelling mistakes. To keep it sync, and well maintained it’s important to hire an editor with you, who is responsible for editing the book’s chapter and fixing all the lingo issues.

8. Publish Your Book For Audience

And yes, you’re all good to start with the final step of your book, that is publishing the book, and sending it for final binding. The day you will see your book formatted, and printed for the readers to read will make you proud of yourself.

Take Away | Writing A Compelling eBook For Readers

I hope you all enjoyed reading about the steps through which you can write a book. I tried to mention and cover all the necessary steps that are essential for writing a book till the last step of publishing. If you still have any questions in mind then feel free to share in the comments section. Talk to us

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