9 Signs You Should Publish Your Book Without Thinking Twice

Before you finish your book, you finish your idea. Just like your book, it is a bit jumbled at the start, developing over the course of your time writing the book.

That means that by the time you have your idea set in stone, you might even have your book ready to go. Whether you are on your first draft, or your final one, it almost does not matter, because at this stage, you are questioning whether it is worth it to publish your book at all.

At this stage, people generally panic about whether the book they spent so much time on will actually get any market traction at all, or if it is sent to an editor or agent, might not be able to stand against the scrutiny it faces at the editor’s office.

The truth is relatively simple; this is quite normal, and you should not worry about this. However, what you should do is take this as an opportunity to reassess before you publish your book. That means looking at your book from a new light, and truly considering it in a more skeptical manner, like an editor or agent would.

#1: You Know Who You Will Publish Your Book For

Identifying your target audience is the most critical aspect of your book; or any market product. Without selling it to the market that will buy it, it won’t be given the best chance possible to break into the market and for you to make a name for yourself.

Generally speaking, knowing who you will sell the book to is the first step, which means there are plenty of other things you need to consider as well. However, when you are this close to well and truly publish your book, having these prerequisites checked off can be a great relief to have.

A key method of identifying if your book’s audience is already established and known, is to label and summarize your book to fit into genres. A love story about a couple in a galaxy far, far away fits right into the Science Fantasy Romance genre (Yes, that is one genre made from three others). That leads us to our next sign that tells you that you should publish your book.

#2: You Know Exactly What Genre You Are In For

If we take the example above of putting a book into the Science Fantasy Romance genre, we have to be able to succinctly explain why.

Take it one step at a time.

Why publish your book in Science Fantasy, or rather why the genre relating to Science Fiction? Well, it is set in a galaxy far, far away, a trope often associated with Science Fantasy works of entertainment, such as Star Wars, or the literary predecessor and inspiration of it, the legendary Frank Herbert’s Dune.

Why Fantasy? Well, there is a clear distinction between Science-Fiction and Science Fantasy. While the former is more grounded, conceptual, and does not need to host any large robot battles or space fleets, the former has the freedom to do so. More often than not, fiction has unexplainable elements out of the real-world that have to be taken at face value, such as magic, mystical elements, or the aforementioned space battles.

Why will you publish your book in Romance? Well, simply put, it is a love story, right? If you have all these details jotted down to justify your book being in this genre, you are good to go and publish your book.

#3: You Start to Think About Publishing Your Book All the Time

Generally speaking, when we are truly in the moment, and one with the momentum of what we are passionate about, we can’t think of anything else.

As a budding author or even as someone looking to get their literary work out there, chances are that you are passionate about your work. That work could be the act of writing itself, or just to publish your book because what you are writing about inspires you.

Sometimes, this is the turning point where you let go of your skepticism and embrace the fact that you have created this piece of work. This is your book. If you want, you could publish your book now, or do it later.

Whatever the case, this is a clear, telltale sign that you are ready, and that you should not miss this opportunity to publish your book at a time when you feel you are ready.

Getting the motivation to write can be a difficult thing to come by, and the momentum should be cherished; both to publish your book and to write it.

#4: You Are a Non-Stop Idea Machine

We think a lot. We think when we are doing something, or when we are doing nothing. In fact, we don’t always consciously think of grand ideas. They come to us sub-consciously, like a light-bulb coming on inside our heads.

At this point, you are always ready and always gunning to note down those ideas and get that pen and paper—or a keyboard of choice—and start writing. It almost does not matter what you do. You may even find yourself jotting down notes on a napkin or a wet paper towel.

Similar to point # 3, take this as a sign that you are ready to take the next step and publish your book!

#5: You Can’t Stop Talking About Your Ideas

Some of the most wonderful ideas that we come across are the ones when we are not ready to write them down, such as right before we sleep. That is when we are in a hypnagogic state, and our minds are running their creative gears on full.

However, if you have written down one of these ideas, you are constantly picking it apart, finding the flaws in it, and dissecting it every which way.

This signals that your book idea might just be worth it.

Rambling is your mind working, and take this opportunity to break that potential writer’s block. You are essentially thinking out loud, and even if you are talking to someone as you do it, they can serve as potential audiences seeing the magic happen as you prepare to publish your book!

#6: You Are Constantly Re-Writing Before You Publish Your Book

This isn’t good enough,’ you might think.

I made a mistake here, here, and here.’

‘This whole chapter is bogus; I should just scrap it.’

Whatever the case may be, this is a good sign, because it shows that you have a focused idea, and you are working towards it. You can learn from every word you write, and the more you do, the more you learn.

Do not take discarded sentences, chapters, or even entire drafts as wasted work. Take them as lessons, because after all, you are your biggest critic. As long as you satisfy yourself and focus on your end goal, the road ahead to publish your book will get easier.

#7: You Are Hesitant in Sharing the Work

This is one that many of us at US Ghostwriting have personally dealt with.

However, in doing so, we have always been pleasantly surprised by how genuinely impressed most of our audiences are. Remember, these are your friends and family you often share to, and not other authors or potential authors.

Most of the criticism you will face will either be constructive or from your colleagues, as they are almost always looking for flaws and imperfections, whereas a general reader will be impressed that you were able to get a book in a state where you can publish your book in the first place!

#8: The Feedback Was Encouraging

A book is not short, like a movie. It might be tougher for general audiences to find flaws, but it is even tougher to write a cohesive, well-structured book that gets its themes across.

So, if you think you are not ready to publish your book, think again.

Encouraging feedback does not mean you need to find harsher critics, but that a potential audience of your book likes it. If you are writing a young adult fiction novel, you will want to show it to young adults, not literary teachers and other authors. They might not like the work because they are not your audience.

That is not to say don’t take their feedback. Instead, we simply mean to say, look for feedback from your audience, not someone you don’t plan on selling your book to.

#9: The Passion to Publish Your Book Does Not Go Away

It does not matter how many rejections you have faced from editors, agents, or publishing houses. It is difficult to eradicate one’s passion for something, and if you have kept going, you should go through with it, too. It is now time to publish your book. Don’t dilly dally, and get to it!

Wrapping Up | Publishing Your Book

That’s all for the day! However, if you still have some questions in mind then feel free to share in the comments section. It’s all about owning the idea of your book, and making all the necessary steps to publish it worldwide. It’s important for all of us to know how and where things can collapse to keep ourselves away from any kind of backlash. Sounds interesting? Then, what are you waiting for? Start the publishing mechanism now, and enjoy later!

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