How Can You Make Money As A Book Author?

If we are from a non-written background, then it’s quite easier for us to think that the author's life is way easier than we thought.

Making money is not as easy as we think for an author. Actually, they write millions of words to complete a book leading towards a more compiled version.

Picking the right topic, which matches your target audience, then creating the strategies to write the blog is the most important thing to perform as an author.

And you know, a typical book author makes more money than the minimum wage writers receive. You can get more if you upscale yourself and start learning the tips to write eBooks. If your book retails at $25 per copy, then you would need to sell it with a hike of 20% which is again a good ratio.

However, again I am not saying that you can only make money by writing books. Authors are seen writing books. Even I have even seen writers from SEO backgrounds earning a lot more than the expected wage.

So, it’s all about how creative you are and how much you are bringing to the shelves in order to create better results.

Once your account is created and you are logged in, you can view your author dashboard in your account.

But does this mean you should give up on your dream of becoming a writer? I think no, it should not be like that! You should always stick around your dream, and can make more money only if you stay consistent with your ideas.

In this blog we are going to know about the ways through which you can earn and make money by selling books to the readers.

Maybe you’re all done writing the book, and now planning to look for ways that will help you in bridging the gap. However, without thinking twice let’s get started with the discussion.

There are different categories of writers, and we can learn about each one of them and the money they make through this blog.

The Quick Discussion On Various Kind Of Books Through Which You Can Make Money As An Author

Many people assume that there are primarily two kinds of authors, when it comes to making money. Just like, J.K. Rowling who wrote Harry Potter a fiction book with the perfect blend of mystery to give the readers an amazing experience. The other one was Dan Brown who was making millions of dollars only by publishing their books.

However, there are various kinds of books available written by different writers based on their own experience. The truth is, there is no fixed amount of money which you can estimate after working for any company as a writer. There are various factors that will make you earn more than your fellow writers. You know, some authors can even lose money if they forget to keep the book engaging!

Various Genre Of Books You Can Sell To Earn Money As An Author

In this section, we are going to discuss various genres which you can take to earn money as an author. Here you go with a detailed discussion.

#1 Fiction Writers

The first category is fiction writers, who like writing fiction stories. Just like Tom Clancy, JD Rowling, and Stephen King making millions of dollars from their books. They have come a long way, and created an example for people to start writing books, and start believing that there is a genre known as fiction.

However, there are a minority of people who take decades to believe in such stories, and avoid reading it. But if we talk about famous fiction stories then the rest is again a history. Many fiction writers are earning a huge amount of living by self publishing books, and marketing them directly to the public. They are taking the help of various social media platforms. .

They are earning a heavy amount of about $5000 to $8000 per month which is huge! And still not a bad option as an author.

#2 Non-fictional writers

Second, we have non-fiction writers who are more towards reality.When people say the word author, they think of people who wrote novels. And actually, we do have people with remarkable experience and background in novel writing like Dale Carnegie, best selling book, How to win friends, and influence people is the best seller with over 250,000 copies sold per year.

Non-fictional writers are always focused on writing the reality, and want to make money by writing what is right, and genuine. They want to make use of the useful information they get from listening to the life stories of different people.

Subjects like, health and wellness, money and finance, and relationships can help authors to earn money, and create up to six digit figures in a year.

#3 SEO Blogs Writers

And there are some other writers as well known as SEO writers who are responsible for getting the blogs ranked on the SERP. These authors can be creative, and technical both because they have to deal with content that is best with any niche. The end goal is to create content that is SEO optimized with all the keywords making it rank well on the search engine.

These writers can also make good earnings for themselves, because these days content marketing is touching the skies. People are looking for individuals who’re true content marketers writing content that performs well on the search engine.

#3 eBook Writing

Lastly, we have eBook writers who’re responsible for writing engaging books that get the maximum sales. In recent times, it’s very important to be specialized in any one of the domains. Either it’s content or book writing. A book writer is someone who is more focused on selling books online, and creating content that becomes the best part of the audience's choice. A business can start with the book, and send some influencers for free and once they post a review about the book people can actually reach out to you to purchase it.

How do authors make money?

Authors typically make money through writing books, or publishing those with the help of some publishers. However, some are associated with companies and start the publishing process themselves.

In addition, the company often takes writers on board who write books and publish them to engage the audience and make them feel the need to get your book.

Some authors choose to be a ghost writer, and write books and get them published with someone else's name. They can earn a lot being a ghost writer, and the company who has hired them posts the blogs with their own names.

While there are various genres which make the author earn more than a typical writer. The genre that earns the most is the non-fiction health and wellness, relationships, and stories.

You can even generate sales based on the content of your self-published books. There are a lot of writers who choose to earn through direct sales. The major reason is the limited capacity of the books once you sell, and the transaction is very huge. However, if you sell the books based on your own content, you will have number of ways to make money like;

1. Product sales 2. Public speaking 3. Consultation 4. Teaching 5. Pre-sales of books 6. Social marketing 7. Crowdfunding

Marketing Ebooks Through Social Media Platforms

There are different ways through which you can earn as an author. From promotional activities to other ways, everything should remain in place. In this section, we will get to know about potential ways of driving sales from social media.

You all must have heard about pay per click, and paid marketing. Marketers with years of experience know the trick of selling books through creative posts like social media platforms. You can even start paid marketing where you can post chunks about your book and engage the audience.

More or less, it’s all about creativity. The more creative you’re, the more chances of being professional and known arises. Social media managers teamed up for creating strategies to market the book and create curiosity with the audience.

Sharing the link of an ebook in the posts is a clever move! Adults are now seen using their phone most of the time, and the time has gone where people were on their televisions to catch news about the books.

Wrapping Up | Making Money As A Book Author

Selling a book is not as bad as we think of it. Being an author is great, and you can actually earn a lot if you have the potential and make things out of the norm. Being a book author is always good, especially when you’re writing a book with a creative storyline. You can choose to be a fictional writer or nonfictional both depending upon the category you like the most. However, if you still have some questions in mind feel free to share in the comments section. Talk to us

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