How can you write a book with no experience?

Writing a book, whether it’s fiction or nonfiction, requires precision, constant research, and creativity to write a tremendous book with no experience.

There are authors leading the industry with no writing experience, but again they’re phenomenal in their course of interest. It’s all due to deduction, enthusiasm, and the diligence to build something out of the box.

When you write a book, or even an article the first and most important thing is to understand the reader’s persona. With this I meant the people, who’re going to read your book.

Those who understand your book writing style would better rate your book, apart from those who’re just purchasing it for reading a few pages and then putting it aside in the cupboard.

Catching the attention of the customers in a single go, is very difficult. If you failed to catch the attention of the audience in the first attempt, through the first few paragraphs then, you would never get it back.

No matter how exciting your book’s remaining chapters are, if the first few pages, and chapters can not succeed in catching the attention then, sadly you won’t reach the place you always wanted to be.

In this blog, we will discuss a few steps or should I say a magical roadmap that would lead towards the tremendous journey of being an ebook writer.

Sounds’ like a plan? Here you go.

A Quick Checklist of being a Book writer with no experience

Here are some of the things you should know as an ebook writer to start off with your book with no experience. Make sure you master these key skills otherwise, writing a book would be no less than a hassle for you!

1.A strong educational background

The first and most important thing you should do as a newbie ebook writer is to have a strong educational background where you own, study, and research english language and literature courses. With these courses, you will enable yourself with a strong English background.

As an ebook writer it’s very important to know the tricks, tips, and minor points of being a writer as a core. Meanwhile, keep on researching what’s trending in the market because in this way you will educate yourself, and write something that is really exciting.

For this phase, you have to invest your time, efforts, and money both in building a career which is backed with the English language.

2.A strong english grammar & vocabulary

If you read a book with blunders or grammatical errors then, you would never think of reading it again. That’s why we’re putting this point in the list of best traits one should have if they plan to become a writer with no experience.

Someone who has experience in the strong english language, or literature will definitely ace the experience, and write a book both fiction or nonfiction without any experience. So, if you think you have a strong understanding of the English language and can write pages without skipping in between then, you’re all good to get started as a writer.

3.The will to write engaging content

Writing a book, or even a paper is not as easy as we think of it. Some people find it really boring because of the pages, and content they’ve to think everytime a new topic jumps in. Think of this situation as a student, when initially you were assigned with one topic, and later on when you were asked to write a bit more it’s really difficult to engage and carry on.

However, someone with the skill to write without thinking twice, and keep on engaging the readers then, writing a book would be quite easier. Similarly, if you have the interest to write an engaging content then, get it published for the readers to purchase, and read easily.

4.Start with little chapters not with entire book

Don’t expect yourself to write engaging chapters that would be a blockbuster at first attempt! Even you can not complete an entire book in a couple of days being a beginner.

A beginner writer initially has to put in a lot of effort to complete a single chater, because it’s their first time and anything that happens for the first time seems hard. If you keep in mind that you can complete a complete book without any hurdle at once, then you’re mistaken.

5.Start by writing your everyday stories

If you want to get started with engaging stories, then start by writing your everyday chores in a diary. And we have seen people who love to write a diary everyday, end up becoming some really influential writers.

A writer should be someone who loves to write, use powerful words, and engage the audience with their write-ups. It will look hard to you sometimes, but it takes time, and with constant learning and improvements you can become a better version of yourself!

If you learn the way of writing everything on your own, without copying the words or tone of voice from others then, you’re near to your dream profession; a writer.

6.Accept the fact you’re a beginner

Self acceptance is way important, no matter which profession you belong to initially. If you want to excel in your professional life, you first need to understand that learning is the first step, anyone who plans to do something new never gets it at first attempt.

Basically, whether it’s writing, drawing, coding, or designing everything comes from the interest of the person who is trying to do the needful. So, learn from your seniors, try to engage yourself in the on-going trends, and keep on practicing to become a great writer one day!

7.Have a look at your favorite books

We hope you guys are now clear with writing a book without thinking twice about the topic, but do you know you can learn from others too?

Start doing this by looking around the books you have in your home already. Saying and accepting the fact that you still have a lot to learn, or what to read from others could really help you out in improving yourself, with a personal growth.

If you have faith in your writing, and know that you can be someone who loves to read, write, and excel themselves up at any edge of the risk then, no one can stop you from achieving your desired goal.

Can anyone be a writer, or should we say an author? Definitely, only if they keep on trying, reading, and extending their knowledge base.

If you have a habit of reading books, or blog posts then you can write your very first novel without any difficulty. You can look out for millions of guides available online on YouTube channels where everyone is working with a free hand,and helping others to start their first writing blog.

8.Expect your first draft to be a failure

It’s always good to expect less, rather than expecting a lot and hurting your expectations later on! There are writers in the industry whose first draft or book was a massive failure! No one was there to purchase them, and they were devastated with negative thoughts…

Anyhow, as it was just the start they started writing more and more versions of their books, and you know what they’re doing today? One of the most famous writers of all time, with their books being sold globally.

So, do you know what’s the secret ingredient that keeps everything moving with the flow? It is their dedication, hard work, and the self belief that they can and they will win the battle of writings.

Initially, they had really low expectations, and when they started writing the first draft was literally a failure, that when they read it as a reader they blew away the pages…

But again, they never lose hope! Stood up strong, and wrote some really amazing pages that were worth reading and sharing with their loved ones.


Here are some of the questions we thought are necessary for writing a book with no experience.

1.Can a beginner write a book?

Definitely, anyone is not a born writer, and if anyone really wants to learn something from the core, with full dedication and observation they can succeed in becoming someone; no matter if it’s a writer, or someone else.

This blog is full proof of the fact that you can write a book, despite the fact of being someone from a non-writing background. So, are you ready to start a book from the first page?

2.How much does it cost to publish a book?

It depends on the number of pages, and how much that writer wants to sell it’s written book at. You know, it depends entirely on the writer who is writing the book, because he knows the struggle, and hardship he faced while writing that book.

We can not quote a price for writing a book because we think it depends on the writer, they can quote for $150 leading towards $1000.

3.How much experience do you need to write a book?

Again a very difficult question. A noob writer can excel and write a tremendous book with no experience only by reading a few sections and readers would love to purchase those and increase its awareness.

However, contradictory to this, someone with years of experience doesn’t claim that they can write a book that would create millions! It all depends on luck, the topic of the book, and the person who's written it.

4.How do I write a fiction book?

You can write a fiction based book only if you are fond of reading stories, and have the skill to write stories of your own. Fiction stories are not real, and these are based on imaginary scenarios created by writers in their minds.

Non-fictions is totally different from fiction. So, if you’re the one who loves to create stories and then give them an engaging twist then, you are the right choice for being a fiction writer.

5.Is writing a book worth it?

There are definitely millions of bookworms who love to read books, and even they can complete a 100 pages book in a single day. They love to read, and the craze for reading books is sometimes so much that they seek new books to be launched which they can enjoy reading while chilling at their homes.

So, definitely if you’re a book writer then don’t worry there are a lot of people out there who love to read and enjoy purchasing new books no matter what!

Final Takeaway | Writing a Book with no experience

And we are all done with writing a book as a beginner, leading towards a Pro writer - which was silent Lol! We hope you enjoyed reading about some really amazing facts, and ways through which you can become an amazing writer one day.

Writing is not an easy job, many of us think a writer only has to write a few words and boom! They are creating millions of dollars however, the truth is entirely different. Someone who would love to read stories, can be a great writer someday only if they think of taking writing as a profession.

Both book and blog writing are different because in blogs you’re writing in a different tone of voice, whereas, in terms of books the tone of voice, and the way you are referring to your readers is entirely different.

So, fellas, we hope you will become a great writer after reading this blog. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section. Still if you require some queries in mind feel free to contact us. We have some amazing writers in our team, who would give you quality content. Talk to us

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