What You Need To Know Before You Hire A Business Book Ghostwriter

Have you ever hired any business book ghostwriter for writing compelling content with keywords optimized in it? If you have some great ideas for your ideal book, then why don’t you consider any ghost writer who would help you with penning down those thoughts. With a clear idea in mind, you can hire the ideal candidate who would be your ghost writer. You may have stories in mind, but not the enough capabilities to write the book yourself. Hiring a ghostwriter would be a hard task, but once you get that one ideal candidate things will go smoothly for you! There are variations of writers available in the market that will help you with hiring your ghost writer, and choose the best option from the selected list of candidates.

There are different pointers that you should consider before hiring the best business book ghostwriter for your book. In this blog, we’ll help you with all those ideas that will connect you with your ideal business book ghostwriter.

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The Top Tricks For Hiring The Ideal Book GhostWriter For Your Next Publication

Here are some of the tips and tricks you should consider before you start with your ideal ghostwriting book.

1. Start With A Clear Requirement To Filter The Best Candidate For Book GhostWriter

The first and most crucial step is to have a clear set of instructions in mind before you start with intervening people who’re interested in coming to the desired position. Interviewee should have a set of instructions in mind, with a proper paper written with the details they’re looking for in the ideal candidate. If you don’t have a clear blueprint of the person you want then you are wasting time for both the persons.

When we take interviews, especially in content marketing or writing, the ideal candidate will first clear with the initial interview which is quite technical and then start with the test. If they clear the test with flying colors, they’re given a go ahead to the next steps. The last step is usually the interview in which we test the person based on their skills, and writing experiences.

If you have a checklist of requirements, then it’s easier for you to rate them better on a scale of 1 to 10. After the interview session, you’re at a position where you can decide whether that person is ideal for the position of a ghost writer or not!

Giving Candidate The Test That Is More Tough & Analytical

Second step is to know if the candidate is capable enough to make it to the final round, which is the one on one interview with the CEO. But before that the content managers are responsible for creating a test with a basic idea like storyline, and asking the candidate to start with the writing and show the results accordingly.

If you take a tough test, then very few people will clear it and maybe you might miss a potential writer due to the hard test you have prepared. The test should be more judged on different factors like;

  1. Grammar
  2. Vocabulary
  3. Time management
  4. Word Count
  5. Creativity

Usually we give an hour or so to any candidate for completing the test, but when it comes to writing a book then the test is different from a casual writing test. The candidate is given a starting point for any book, and they have to complete the story beforehand. The more creativity, and engaging content they produce in that time frame, the more chances of them being hired is raised!

3. Investing Time In The Writing The First Draft

When we talk about blogs, then any casual writer can write more than 2500 words in a day which is indeed a benchmark achieved. However, when it comes to books then the game is totally changed! The actual drill is to sit back by a sofa, or a television and tell the story to someone and wait for them to listen and then write it down with your own name is what we call ghost writing. It sounds appealing but the true scenario is totally different.

Even to get the book written by a ghostwriter you need to have some basics cleared in mind to write a draft which will be given to a ghostwriter later to start off with the first chapter. Writing a book would require some extra effort, and time to keep things seamless and engaging.

There is plenty of writing to be done, like for the ghost writer with any ambiguities you need to be active to answer all the questions. You should keep yourself committed to the work, and well prepare for the instant queries reported by the ghost writer. If you want appealing results then stay active and keep yourself connected with the writer to avoid missing out on something important.

4. Planning Your Budget For Your Ideal Ghost Book Writer

This section is going to be short, and I will try to be straight forward. I won’t sugar coat but before hiring any ghostwriter you should have a planned budget in mind. A good and experienced ghost book writer would not come in less than $10, 000 however, if you want a cheaper one then compromise on the quality of the content.

An experienced and well versed writer would always go ahead of time, and put extra efforts to come up with a better version of the business book. An experienced book writer would be specialized in writing compelling content, and transforming the thoughts into reality. Also never hire a book writer for word count basis, like paying them on the number of words they’re writing. It would be quite costly for you as a small business.

5. Perform A Bit Of Market Research To Know What’s Happening In The Industry

When you want to hire a book writer, how much time would you think you require for finalizing the ideal ghost writer? Maybe a month, or two or maybe just one interview and you are hiring the best candidate. The timeline can not be explained or proposed but you can still have some tentative thoughts in mind related to any of the writers hiring process. You first need to have a clear idea about the deadline, and then propose a time to the HR or any other representative to finalize the ghost writer for your next business book.

You should always have a look at some local bookstore and international both to see what’s trending in the market. The layout, formatting, and all things should be clear in your mind. Because you’re going to introduce those to the hired writer. Doing a bit of market research will help you in handling this situation like a pro.

6. Plan A Proper Time For Editing Of The Book

And yes, once you’re done writing all of your book chapters, what should be your next step? Of course, editing the book and taking the time out for completing the editing in a proposed time frame. If you don't have a budget for editing and getting the book compiled up then look for the cheaper option because of course you first have to pay the ghost writer as well. I would recommend to plan everything before you hire the writer so you don’t face any such issues in the end.

At Least keep a 20% of the total expense for editing, and publishing of the final book written by the ghost writer on your desired topic

7. Plan Your Promotional Strategy Ahead Of Time

Even if you succeed in hiring the ideal and most experienced ghostwriter for your business book, no one is going to publish your book but you have to do it yourself! Books won’t be published themselves, and you need to come up with a proper strategy to get it published and printed in the desired way! Promotion of the book is an on-going process which should start once you are completed with the name, and draft of the first chapter to create curiosity in your audience. If you are planning to follow any traditional way of publishing the book then it will be time taking, while if you want to speed up the process then the costing will be increased a bit.

3. Identify Your Unique Selling Point |Author Brand USP

Being the owner of the business, and book you should have a plan for getting it published. Don’t assume that the ghost writer will publish the book as well. They are paid for writing books in an engaging way. You have to publish the book yourself.

Wrapping Up | Hiring The Ideal Ebook Writer

And that’s all for the day! Ghost writers will help you with writing the book with an engaging start. An experienced and professional writer will be the best choice for your business book writing, because they pursue their career in writing, and coming up with the best version. Remember that, at the end of the day, it's you and your name so proofread and at least go through the book at least once before getting it published. I hope you are clear now, however, if you still have questions in mind feel free to share in the comments section. Stay connected with our website, to get your hands on more exciting articles & blogs on ebooks, ghost writing and a lot more!

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