What is the difference between copywriting and ghost writing?

If you’re someone who recently stepped into the professional world, then you must be thinking about the key difference between numerous things. Especially when you’re a writer, then you must be confused between copywriting and ghost writing.

Both of these terminologies are entirely different from each other, just like full time development and part-time frontend development. However, copywriting, and ghost writing both are subparts of each other, so one cannot always rely on both domains.

Writing is a wide domain and opens numerous openings for people who have the interest to write and draft copies in various niches. Some consider it as an opportunity to grab, while some do not put their leg further and regret it later.

If you have the guts to write on almost anything, and the power to inhale new vocabulary then, you’re all good to get started with the writing profession.

Ghost writing and copywriting are entirely different from each other. Do you even see people questioning on public forums, is ghost writing the same as copywriting?

Anyhow, all of your queries will be answered in this blog with a detailed analysis so all of you can make the relevant move and learn more about the key difference between the both!

So, are you all ready? Let’s start off with the discussion to learn more about the difference between copywriting, and ghost writing services.

What is Ghost writing?

Let’s first learn about the literal meaning behind ghost writing.

A ghost writer is someone who is hired by a third person to write an article, book, or blog for them without publishing it with their names. Basically, the author can be anyone except for the one who has written it.

Companies these days hire ghost writers to get their brand blogs, and articles done seamlessly.

Contradictory to this, a copywriter is someone who knows the trick of writing compelling content for advertisement, and can be used on various marketing collaterals.

Clear much? If you still have ambiguities regarding the literal meaning of ghost writer or a copywriter, keep on reading to unfold more exciting facts about it.

The Key Reasons For Hiring A ghost writerFor Your Book Writing Services

There are different reasons behind someone working as a ghost writer. It’s not only due to politics, or other controversial topics where people don’t want to show their identity and choose to write their work as a ghost writer. Individuals who believe that they don’t have enough time to write the copies themselves prefer to get the content done by someone else, and publish it by their names.

Or those, who prefer to write for others in exchange of money choose to become a ghostwriter.

After all, someone is an expert in something and wants to pursue their career as a writer either as a ghost writer, or a creative content writer.

However, they still need assistance in writing professional copies, editing them, drafting on the cms, or attaching relevant links that will make their written copy rank well on the search engine.

Examples of ghost writing services

Here are some of the examples of ghost writing to make it clearer and more transparent for you! Interested in reading more? Let’s start.

  1. Books (fiction or nonfiction)
  2. Autobiographies/memoirs
  3. Magazine/newspaper articles
  4. Speeches
  5. Official correspondence
  6. Songs, lyrics and instrumental compositions
  7. Screenplays
  8. Visual arts (fine art or commercial art)

Now that we are clear with the literal meaning of ghost writing along with its examples, let's jump into copywriting, and learn about its examples.

What is copywriting? A Cross Over with Ghost writing

If you draw a Venn diagram to compare between copywriting and ghost writing then, the area that will overlap between the two will be the blogging part. This is one of the most common parts that is outsourced by companies, and leading organizations to write content, by both ghost writers or copywriters who work as freelancers.

Unlike this, many bloggers and corporate centric writers are working as a ghost where they write content for the organization without showing their names. A copywriter can be a ghost writer as well, like they can do copywriting for blogs without showing their true names on front.

So, whenever you see articles or blogs written by an organization with the name author written beneath it, remember that it’s done by a ghost writer, or a copywriter who has not shown its name to the readers.

Being a ghost writer kills the writing credit

Consider yourself a writer who writes engaging content for brands, and when the blog, article, or even pr articles get famous due to its research or anything the credit is given to the writer.

Similarly, writers who own the power of publishing their content over the forums with their names can even share it overall on their social profiles for better recognition amongst their network.

But, one of the most common downsides of a ghost writer is not getting the credit you’ve been working for so long. No matter how good or well written your content is, you can feel disguised if you don’t get the appreciation associated with your content copy.

And if you don't have the credit then, people won’t recognize you for your writing skills. On the other side, you are paid heavily for your writing services, which is again a great part of being a freelance ghost writer or even a copywriter.

So, remember if a credit is given to the people who have written the content copy then, it’s not considered as ghost writing because people are being acknowledged for their skills publicly.

Some People Consider Ghost Writing As Unethical.

There are numerous people who still consider ghost writing as a crime, or unethical for writers because their skills and hard work are not appreciated.

It is killing the essence of giving credit to any writer because if someone has put lots of effort into pulling out the best copy it’s necessary for everyone to make the author visible.

Netizens still think that it’s not good for any writer, but again those who want to make money invest in this domain, and work as a ghost writer or copywriter to earn and grow themselves.

It’s a subjective topic, and if someone pursues work as a writer or even a ghost writer it’s their choice. Some of them would prefer to come in the front with their names, whereas, some prefer to avoid making them public.


You got the questions; we got the answers. Read more to learn about the key difference between copywriting and ghost writing.

Who is a ghost writer?

Ghost writing is a type of writing where the writer's name is not made public, and it’s published on someone else’s website with their own author. However, it’s written by someone else who has asked for enough money in exchange for the writing.

Who is a copywriter?

A copywriter is someone who thinks creatively, out of the box and comes up with unique lines, and copies that are creative, and used mostly for advertisement purposes. More or less, these copies are used for advertisement, and web main pages.

Is content writing ghost writing?

Content writing is the main domain that has multiple branches indicating it to the sub parts. Just like a tree that has multiple branches, however, all of the branches are redirecting back to the main root. Ghost writing comes beneath content writing, and those who have a interet of writing copies can be a good ghost writer.

What is the difference between a copywriter and a content writer?

A content writer is someone who writes blogs and articles with a different perspective mostly, optimizing the keywords to make it rank on the search engine. However, a copywriter is someone who writes with a creative insight, and writes copies with respect to creativity and their content is mostly used for running any advertisement on social media platforms.

Does ghost writer own copyright?

No ghost writers are already writing for someone else, without showcasing their names, so how can anyone own any copyrights claim? Simply, ghost writers don’t have any copyright claims.

Wrap Up

And that’s all for the day! We hope you all enjoyed reading about the key difference between copywriting and ghost writing. Right now, the trend of being a ghost writer is increasing due to inflation, and people stepping out of their comfort zone to earn a heavy amount. Whether it’s creative writing, copywriting or ghost writing they all consider choosing the career that best fits their needs.

Kick starts your career now! However, it’s your choice to opt as a ghost writer, and write for others or consider yourself a copywriter where you will be thinking out of the box and coming up with copies for web pages used for branding, or running any ad.

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