How To Measure The Book Launch Success - [A Definitive Guide]

Once you have completed your book, then the next step is to plan the launching and how will you measure the book launch success ratio. However, if there are different aspects of writing a book then similar applies to the book publishing process. Both the newbie and veteran writers have a fear of their book launch success like will it be purchased by people or not?

This is not the first time, any writer is feeling bad or worried about the book launch success. Even though you need to have high hopes for your work, and have confidence that it will be a masterpiece.

So, there are a lot of things in mind, and we know the suspense before launching any book. But don’t you worry, we’re back now with some creative book launch ideas.

But do you know what is necessary for measuring the book launch success? If you’re a keen writer, who loves to write then you should know the idea behind writing any book. A book always starts with a vision in mind, a storyline that perhaps helps the people to seek the attention.

However, these are some of the things you might seek for as a book writer:

  1. Winning consulting plans & contracts
  2. Landing speaking session & engagements
  3. Impressing the clients, and educating them with value of new ideas
  4. Demonstrating the value of writing and reading a book

And you know what’s more impressive, the specific reason that you think is unique to you might sound tremendous to others as well. While on the other side there are some people who might think your book is not worth reading.

But the process of building a memorable customer relationship and then converting those into direct sales is an art, and everyone is not an artist. You must be thinking why? Because most of the people don’t feel comfortable spending money on something that is their utmost need. They need to prepare themselves mentally by getting the value of their work.

That's how your book launch is more important than even writing it because:

  1. People who’re interested in reading your book will definitely recognize the importance of your efforts.
  2. Make people hear about your work by launching the book on social media, and make them crave about you.

It’s important to learn about customer journey, because whenever you’re writing a book you should write like a writer but someone who is reading your piece as a reader. So, basically a great book launch is the first step towards success, while the second one is making a clear path that leads to leads & more views.

Anyways, let’s jump into the most important topic of discussion that is the ways for measuring the effective book launch.

Here you go!

5 Efficient Ways To Get Started With Your Book Launch Success

In this section, we’re going to mention some of the quick ways that will help you in measuring the effectiveness of your book launch ceremony.

1. Getting Amazon Reviews Should Be The First Priority

Ideally, whenever we are about to launch a book the marketing team should be proactive in launching it first. Posting reviews about the books are a valuable source of gaining the trust of customers, and most authors equate launch week details and reviews to different websites. However, that's the biggest mistake they’ve actually made.

So, ideally you need to have a maximum of 15-30 reviews in the first month after the book launch.

Basically think like a customer, if they see good reviews about the book then they will definitely come to you and purchase it. One negative comment can be a straight turn off for the customer.

2. Book Launch Date & Time Matters A Lot

Ideally the book launching date and time matters a lot for your book success, and the marketers along with writers should put extra efforts in making the most out of it! The time and date of your book launch is one of the factors that either make you win the attention of readers, or lose it! There are some specific days and times when it’s ideal to launch the book, if not then at least a short snippet!

So, before you start with the planning phase or marketing planning of your book launch, try to first decide the date and time when you will make it go live. However, there are various dates and times when launching a book can be effective for you!

Some people go for the book launch on weekends, because everyone is free & they would definitely go to check out your book if they liked the story. On a fine evening, or an afternoon people would most likely be interested in visiting the store, and reading your book.

So, all in one it’s all your efforts and mindset to get the ideal date and time for your next book launch!

3. Utilizing Enough Social Media For Awareness

Social media is one of the most potent platforms where adults, and almost everyone from different platforms will spend their time inquiring about different things, and services. So, using it most of the time for marketing your book right after the launch actually makes sense!

Social media is one of those places where people will search regarding your book, months before it’s launch to see how the writer has marketed it. You can use social media for sharing snippets of your book, and some highlights to create curiosity among your readers.

Moreover, you share different blog posts related to the book for notifying the readers about the book that has to be launched in coming months. In a nutshell, it’s your responsibility to promote the book on social media, and put all your efforts in marketing it.

So, before placing anything on the first 3 months after launching your book you should build a vibrant marketing campaign for launching your book. So, it is ideal to secure the opportunities, and ensure that you’re doing great for making things happen the right way!

For instance:

  • Leverage the social media for early placement of landing new opportunities
  • Utilize quotes, graphics, and soundbites from your books on the social media platforms.
  • Try to utilize the blogging part for posting blog posts of your books.

4. Engage Through Word Of Mouth

Before you start off with your book launch campaign, try to first endear yourself and use your vocals for marketing the book worldwide. Before you start with promoting books, and posting answers to the questions posted by people related to book work on marketing through your own mediums.

The best way out is to create a short speech regarding your book to say in front of potential customers. Make the best speech that is sweet and sleek. Tell the crowd why you thought of writing a book, and why should you agree on getting that book.

Moreover, encourage them to ask more questions related to your book, and your job is to answer it respectively. Your target should be engaged to make the audience feel more agreed towards your book, and help you create a better book and launch successful campaigns.

5. Have Fun Sharing Blog Posts & Resonating Audience With Graphics & Soundbites

Definitely the book launch depends on what you’re doing to market it, but remember if you take pressure then you won’t make things happen in your favor! In most cases, when you're in a fun mode then it’s quite easier to brainstorm creative ideas & win the hearts of customers. Remember to live in the moment, and enjoy the fullest!

Be an achiever, and a leader who is always ready to take challenges, and doesn't fear anything no matter what! You should take the pride of calling yourselves the conquers always ready to manage books, and host a book launch success party.

And lastly, the other most important thing is related to media placements where you need to place the content to ‘most viewed content’ using the author's ecosystem.

This strategy will include;

  1. Book logo design
  2. Pages design
  3. Soundbites
  4. Appealing graphics
  5. Endorsements from people
  6. Short video clips

However, you still have the chance to sprinkle creativity whenever you get a chance because the doors of improvements are never closed!

Wrapping Up | Measuring The Book Launch Success Ratio

And that’s a wrap! I hope you all enjoyed reading about the ways through which you can measure the success ratio of your book launch. However, it all depends on you and the marketing team who is working with you to market the book in a smooth way! Remember, you’re the one who will be representing your book worldwide, so it’s merely your responsibility to plan everything beforehands. Because once the time is up, you can not do anything but regret! However, if you still have some questions in mind related to any of the things shared in the blog feel free to share in the comments section. Talk to us

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