Creative Ways to Engage Your Audience for a Book Launch

You know the best way to launch a book is to start with word of mouth, and then proceed with marketing using digital mediums. Launching your book always comes down to a point where you want to accomplish something from that. If you’re the author, then it’s easy for you to share it with clients, with a crisp piece of content. However,if I share some stories with you then you will be amazed to hear about writers who published their books themselves with no big sponsors, but still won the battle!

But if you’re trying to spread ideas, engage with your customers, and do all the things that need a wide audience with the best ways to do that, it's talking about your book. In most cases, try to engage your audience then start by first marketing books first, and then do the things that will help you make everything happen.

This alternatively means;

  1. Keeping everyone motivated ensuring they know how vital the role is.
  2. Helping them for supporting you with your book launch

Moreover, everyone has their own goal in life to accomplish. Some want to be excited about helping while some provide the resources that are needed to promote your book for you!

In this guide, we will get you to walk through the ways through which you can engage your audience, and spread word about your book launch to the customers.

8 Ways Through Which You Engage Audience For A Book Launch

In this section, we will go through the ways through which you can entice your audience to process a seamless book launch activity.

1.Gathering A Team For Launching Book

When you’re the author of the book, and planning to launch a book then you try your best to get the resources for getting it done seamlessly.

In your personal list, there should be bullets that will help you with the book launch process. Some of the people with whom you can start the street launching of books includes your family, friends, colleagues, loyal clients, and those who wanted to read your written books.

You can offer an advanced book copy to these people, and ask them to share a review about the book in detail on different forums. So it’s a win-win situation for you as an author with a massive book launch.

You need to contact your audience, and give them a copy of your book before it’s necessary to market the book prior to launching it globally. The more people buy it, the more Amazon will show how important it is for other people.

Those people who will agree to market your book in your audience. Then, review a copy of your book, and stay in touch with them.

What you can do with the book launch;

  1. Keep a copy of the book in the preferred format
  2. A reminder should be send on the launch day, and another reminder on the launch day
  3. Post a most helpful review of the book.

2. Choosing Brand Ambassadors For Your Book Launch

Brands are always seen keeping a strict list of brand ambassadors that market the book in their circle. Having a team of brand ambassadors means you are taking the idea of street team to a complete next level! Brand ambassadors will help you create hype for your book, and help you with dealing different things like:

  1. Moderating all the groups that are related to your book launch
  2. Posting about the books in various social media pages
  3. Sharing newsletter discussing about your book
  4. Monitoring the social media accounts, and keeping the engagement level maintained
  5. Reviewing your book from a retailer point of view

And you know what, a brand ambassador will help you with a legitimate, compensated position that they can include in their resume for caging better opportunities in the future.

Ambassadors will help you maintain a brand image of the book in the market. Because you, being a writer, don't have enough time to do all the activities yourself.

3. Create A Private Facebook Group

You know, why private groups are important for your book launch process? People can join different groups and invite the people through an access invitation link. You can decide who you want to get in, and who you don’t want.

Private facebook groups can help you know your audience, and filter them to interact in a simple way. For example:

  1. Your team of streets
  2. Brand ambassadors
  3. Group of people
  4. Specific group of readers for treating client leads

And you know, joining an exclusive group showing people that they’re important to you and you want them to grow.

In simple words:

  1. Interacting with your group of people
  2. Conveying information to the people you’re getting inside the group
  3. Communicating with them in a way to keep them engaged about the things related to book

Once you see enough audiences are involved in your group then you can charge a monthly price for subscription. So, whenever someone wants to get in your group they will have to bear the subscription price.

4. Run Campaigns For Engaging Audience For Book Launch

Campaigns can be run for a definite amount of money, which will help you in engaging more audience to your book launch activity. There are marketers who work very dynamically in engaging people in the book launch activity, and create ads that make the audience click on the link redirecting to the book summary.

In this way, you can build a brand image in your required targeted audience. Start by building your own brand importance,and appealing appearance in the audience.

5. Creating Facebook Public Group Would Be A Key Driver

We already listed private groups, while it’s important to know about public groups as well. When you have private groups, only those you can afford the subscription fees will come; however, if we talk about public groups then anyone can join and learn about your book launch.

In fact, according to a study, people are seen more joining public groups compared to private groups. You can use these groups to gather people, and communicate with them to connect with potential readers who’re interested in knowing about your book and be a part of the book launch cycle.

You can start by doing this:

  1. Send invitation to your friends
  2. Ask people to join your public group, with the help of ambassadors
  3. Don’t forget to add the hyperlink of your book website or the landing page

A public Facebook group will be more important when people will join with their own choice. It gives them direct access to your newsletters, blog posts, and all the insider news.

6. Don’t Forget Email Marketing For Book Launching

Email marketing is another most important thing that you should keep in mind before starting with book launch activities to engage the audience. Email marketing is an important source of being attracted and getting your audience to know about your book.

There are a lot of recurring clients, and people who still gave value to emails instead of reading seperate posts. You can use email marketing in this way:

  1. Sending emails with the help of your ambassadors
  2. Sharing newsletter over email
  3. Sharing a small glimpse of your book as a snippet over email

7. Invite People To Post Votes On Your Book

You can invite people to vote on your book and get involved with more people. In this way, you can create more access to the book, and ask people to post & share everything on their social media.

And you know what else you can do with this? You can share the voting thing in your private and public groups too. This might take several steps based on what you’re trying to accomplish. For instance, you could also show these voting as a verdict to your potential customers that people are liking your book cover, and other options.

You can have a thumbs up or thumbs down poll over social media about your book related queries.

8. Hosting Live Sessions By Writers To Attract Audience

If you’re always active on social media, then you should know that whenever a new drama is launched on various platforms people host live sessions related to the drama and casting. It’s your choice which platform you’re planning to start with the live session like Facebook, Zoom, Instagram, or any other platform that has a live video option.

You can ask people for an immediate answer, and provide them with an interactive live session related to the book with valuable information.

Your utmost target should be to attract the viewers with your book related Q/A and induce them to take part in the session. You can even ask them for advice.

What you can do with live sessions:

  1. Inspiring people asking your ambassadors to answer the questions
  2. Providing a list of mini-courses, related to your
  3. Hosting live session with Q/A sessions on a regular basis or maybe weekly to attract audience

Wrapping Up | Engaging Audience With Book Launch

And that’s a quick wrap for the eight ways through which you can engage your audience with your next book launch. We made you walk through the process through which you can engage your audience and create a better awareness amongst your target audience. Keep in mind you always have to stick with creativity and induce it in your book. We hope you're clear now, however, if you still have some questions in mind feel free to share in the comments section. Talk to us

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