Which Could Become Bestselling Book Genres in 2022 – What We Think

If you have an idea for a new book, or are just looking for your next big thing, chances are you will first decide the core themes of your book.

Whether it is an educational book, a fictional story, an autobiography, or a non-fictional retelling of an event from someone else’s perspective; you need to be able to give out concise descriptions and summaries of what you will write if you want to publish your book in one of the bestselling book genres anytime soon.

However, you first need to understand which genre your book will fall into, as well as which one to pursue if writing a book is a monetary goal for you.

Practically speaking, you don’t necessarily need to be as early as having the idea of a book, either. You could be well underway into the project, or even have a draft ready after tons and tons of edits and revisions, well-prepared to send it to an editor. However, chances are that it won’t just make it within the bestselling book genres of the year based on the quality alone.

Why the Bestselling Book Genres Matter

The truth is that even if your solid, well-crafted, and meticulously structured draft makes it well past all the trials and tribulations that even the best of editors put it through, unless you publish your book among the bestselling book genres, you are not going to break the bank anytime soon.

This is why market research is so important. In a way, your book is here to satisfy a demand, and different levels and numbers of audiences exist for different genres. It also matters if you have made a personal brand for yourself. A Stephen King novel is defined more by the personal brand of the author rather than the genre, but that sort of success is the equivalent of finding a diamond in the rough.

Not all books sell or become bestsellers based on their quality. More often than not, the market niche it targets defines its success, and sometimes that market niche is to publish your book to cater to the bestselling book genre audiences.

Publish Your Book Where It Fits

You don’t necessarily have to publish your book in the most lucrative bestselling book genres. You could simply try to pursue quality and relevance, and still get noticed.

As long as a research-focused book is relevant, delivers quality, and brings something new to the table, your book could very well be successful.

If writing is your passion, or if you have a passion for what you are writing about, it can be worth crossing your fingers and sending it out into the world, hoping that it might catch on to a bandwagon of success, or launch its very own!

The Trending Bestselling Book Genres You Could Focus On

Still, our team at Ghost Writing Heaven has put forward some genres that we know have put out some of the most successful ventures in the past few years; and have seen continuous popularity since.

Readers worldwide are seeing some of the most book-focused times yet. From data-driven assumptions to proven records, the team at Ghost Writing Heaven have put out some fantastic trending topics and bestselling book genres for 2022 that you can publish your book in. The pandemic brought about a plethora of bored people back to the drawing board—or the paperback, so to speak—and they are all clamoring for more of some of their favorite genres.

 have put forth their predictions for the year in terms of trending bestselling book genres:


From bored housewives to teenagers yearning for the world of angst, love, and broken hearts, the romance genre has always been at the forefront of the bestselling book genres with a faithful and loyal readership. It has spawned some of the most sought-after sub-genres in its respective category as well, such as young adult romance, historical romance, and more.

If you will publish your book within the romance category—or even among its many, many sub-genres, you will have tapped into the most lucrative bestselling book genres today.


The Mystery genre is one that has stood the test of time. In a world where information and knowledge is at the tip of our fingers with smartphones, computers, and other gadgetry, one would think that the mystery genre would find its swansong.

Instead, it has been one of the most popular genres today. People are hampering exploring the unknown, going into the uncharted territories, from mind-boggling thrillers to cosmic, existential horror. The mystery genre is one that is a favorite among the bestselling book genres for its popularity and quality, something that has been further cemented by multiple Netflix entertainment flicks made from books of this genre.

Fiction – Fantasy and Sci-Fi

This genre is one where imagination sees no end. From the legends that started it all; J.R.R Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings and the Silmarillion books, to Frank Herbert’s Dune series, to the more recent works, such as the Wheel of Time series, this is proving to be a bestselling book genre powerhouse.

Science Fiction

Science Fiction has been at the roots of some truly remarkable works. From the dreadfully haunting dystopian fiction books, such as Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, 1984, and The Handmaid's Tale, the Science Fiction genre has produced some of the best works of entertainment ever seen with rich diversity in subject matter, tone, and worlds. Rich with story, new worlds to explore, and concepts that question our very existence, this is the genre you should publish your book in to see your readers in awe of the worlds you create.

The 2020 pandemic has seen imaginative worlds where you, as the reader, can escape the grim realities, rise in popularity, putting the Science Fiction genre on the map as one of the bestselling book genres that 2022 will bring.

This is one of the bestselling book genres often associated with Medieval Fantasy, with dragons, knights, and whatnot. However, over the years we have seen multiple examples of Fantasy novels, and even Fantasy/Sci-Fi amalgamations being part of some of the most celebrated works of art and entertainment.

Similar to Science Fiction, the Fantasy genre has been one on the trending page for years, and if you publish your book in one of these best selling book genres, you can land yourself in one of the best book deals of your life.

Young Adults

Movie series such as the Hunger Games — and the book series behind it, launched the modern hype train for young adult fiction, and while their popularity has since declined, it still remains a genre that many young adults still love today.

Young adults also tick almost every rule of the bestselling book genre market, as these are young people who understand the value of reading, have a penchant for escapism, and have active minds to immerse themselves in the author’s work and words. Publish your book in the young adult genres for sci-fi, romance, and fantasy, and treat yourself to one of the bestselling book genres that we predict will still go strong in 2022.

COVID-19, Pandemics, and Quarantine Love Stories

It would be remiss to call this a genre, but a theme that could be potentially classified into its own genre in the future is the ever-growing popularity of pandemic-based novels. The smash-hit success of the guilty-pleasure erotic novel, Kissing the Coronavirus by M.J. Edwards is just the start of the potential wave of pandemic-centered stories and novels that could crop up.

It might not be for everyone, but hey, if this is the bestselling book genre you are going for, whatever floats your boat.


There are plenty of bestsellers that have not been part of the bestselling book genres that we have described here, but the goal is to see if your book fits into that category. Remember to always follow your passions first, and to be the best you can be. After that, it might not hurt to follow what the market demands are!

Meanwhile, here are a few of the bestselling book genres you could publish your book in:

Popular Fiction Genres


       Science Fiction.



       Detective & Mystery.



       Young Adult (YA).

Popular Non-fiction Genre

       Memoir & Autobiography.


       Art & Photography.

       Self-Help/Personal Development.


       Health & Fitness.


       Humor & Entertainment.

       Business & Money.

       Law & Criminology.

       Politics & Social Sciences.

       Religion & Spirituality.

       True Crime.


Have questions in mind? Feel free to share them in the comments section. We would love to be a part of your discussion & know how you perceive the blog. Genres are very important, and the more interesting it’s written the more chances of being published increases. 

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