How to do children's book writing for Amazon - [A Detailed Guide]

Children's book writing is a creative task, especially when you’re the one who loves to write and read books of different niches. For instance, people over here are always fond of writing content that best fits their niche and grabs the attention of the users.

Just for a quick review, when you are writing a book it’s important to create that creative element that infuses readers to pay extra attention and proceed further.

Whether you are writing adult content or writing for children it’s important to pay high attention to the content type, and lines because that’s how you can connect with the minds of readers.

You don’t know who your readers are, some might be of your age, while some maybe are purchasing the book to give to anyone who loves to read more.

The future of children's book writing is very wise, and you know the reason why! Gone are the days when people used to rely on video clips, or just send kids to school for learning and forget the rest!

Now the time wheel has changed, and children love to read books with amazing visuals and appealing layouts.

So, are you ready to spin the wheels and get into the basics? But wait, do you really know why Amazon is one of the widely growing platforms to sell and purchase an article?

Explore it all here with us!

Why is Amazon one of the best marketplaces for you?

Amazon, nevertheless, is a self-explanatory platform known for its service, transparency, uniqueness, and budget-friendly rates that don’t burden anyone’s pocket.

It’s a marketplace that is pretty seller and buyer friendly because they allow anyone to sell their items if they have filled in all the details properly. Listing the items fees is quite love, and anyone can be an Amazon seller.

And you know, what’s the most amazing part? Amazon sellers do not have to pay anything extra especially when they’ve not sold anything through the platform. However, once they have sold anything they are liable for paying some percentage to the platform and that’s how the platform grows and earns.

So, these are some of the points that make Amazon the best marketplace;

  1. Uniqueness
  2. Transparent pricing algorithm
  3. Freedom to the sellers
  4. Trustable marketplace
  5. No Scam allowed

As we are now clear with the Amazon marketplace, let’s jump into the main topic of discussion which is book writing services and their correlation with Amazon.

How can you do children’s book writing for Amazon officials?

Learning the key process to do book writing for amazon, especially targeting the children’s niche, requires a lot of precision, hard work, and patience.

But first, answer these questions:

  1. Have you ever written any children’s book that was rejected by the publisher again and again?
  2. Do you have ideas that you can cover up in your children’s book writing chapters?
  3. Do you ever feel stuck when you are writing a book for children?
  4. Do you have the desire to drive in money just by writing children’s books, and selling them on big marketplaces like amazon?

If you have answers to all of these questions, then, congratulations you’re all good to get started with the discussion.

You can follow these steps if you are planning to do book writing and sell them as a service.

1. Determine your book audience

The first thing you should do is determine your book audience, and then work accordingly. The book idea, topic, layout, photos, and illustration plays a great role in making it appealing to the audience.

A simple book will not look good, but the pictures in it will make it more attractive. Remember that your target audience is children who’re 0-9 years old.

2. Learn what will make your book the best

Go through your competitors and see how they have written their books. There are certain things that will make your book amazing to the audience.

Add as many images as possible, and add up things like colors and layouts that will captivate your audience - children.

Understand the language, and tone of voice which they are using in the book to make it compete with it.

Determine what you’re writing, so that you can write in a more amazing way! If you wish to write for 0-4 years old then you should write in a simple way, short concepts, and happy endings.

More than 100 words. You can add poems, and other riddles that will make your readers more amazing!

3. Read best-selling children's books

The third most important thing is to read your competitors' children 's books, and see how they are communicating with your audience.

There are as many genres as possible, but when you’re writing for children you have to be very precise, and creative.

These are the examples of samples you might know:

  1. Fiction: In fiction, you made up stories yourself, however, in actual they couldn’t happen.
  2. Realistic: In reality, you share stories that have happened in the past, or have some lessons with it to educate the children.
  3. Biography: In biography, you’re writing a book for children based on stories about real people to teach them a lesson.
  4. Historical: In historical, you share stories of antict places, and times to give them a throwback feel.
  5. Poetry: In poetry book writing, you’re writing in a poetic way mostly poems, to make them memorized easily.

These are the different types of styles book writers opt for while writing any book. There are many people who offer book writing services and come up with a unique version.

4. Discuss your ideas with other book writers

Children's book writing is not that easy, as most people think of it. Children's book writing can be a bit silly, deep, inspiring, or sometimes funny as well. Because you know, the motive is to make them laugh, cry, giggle, gasp, or afraid.

Here are some of the topics by which you can come up with book ideas;

  1. Fairytale: You can come up with function fairytale stories where there is a fairy, or a princess who has to go through a lot of hurdles, and fight with terror. Later on, the princess met his dream prince, and there is a happy ending for them all.
  2. Horror: The second one is a horror story where the writer comes up with a twisty story that has an evil witch in it doing all the tantrums to harm innocent people. Then comes a fairy who fights against her, and saves the land of mercy.
  3. Motivational: Lastly, the story can be written with a motivational insight where people are motivated to spend time with their elders, and share the days of harmony, and happiness together. Someone’s struggle can be a good story for anyone who is more invested in the idea.

5. Pen down the analysis and start writing

Once you have an idea for your children's book writing, you can list all of the details separately in a notepad. It’s very essential to outline the details and chapters which you will cover up in your book.

Depending on the category of the children book, the outline will help you out in coming up with better ideas and strategies. For instance, if you own a book that needs pictures in it, then, you should first list the requirements before starting off with the writing.

First create a dummy book and film in pages in it to get an idea how your final outline and book will look. You can take more than 16 pages, and then start writing the first chapter following the outline you’ve built up already.

Start adding pictures, or any other extra thing that was missing in it. In this way, you can easily write your book without facing any further hassle!

Follow the same pathway, and complete the chapters one by one. There will come a time when you will be having a complete breakdown of chapters, and have completed more than 5 chapters or as many as you like.

Focus on the detailing, while drafting any copy so that you avoid missing out on important details.

6. Revise the draft

And now we have reached the time when you have to revise the draft copy, and wait for your publishers to approve the version. Many people mistake revision with editing however, it comes after it.

In this phase, you revise the chapters, and see if you’ve missed out on any important detail that might be there. Most writers add new chapters in the revision phase because they think a little more detail adds value to the book.

7. Edit your book

Next step in the children's book writing service is to edit the book and look out for all the details before you send it for publication.

You can get in touch with different people or professionals who are already working as children 's book writers, and share your draft with them.

Always be open to critics, because in this way you can learn your strength, and weaknesses. For a writer, especially a children's book writer, it's important to know their strengths.

You can get in touch with netizens, and wait for their comments which you can take and proceed with the writing.

A quick change can make you feel amazing, and this will help you to learn, edit, and compile all the details before sending it for publishing.

Remember, the editing for a children's book is not an adult book. Many professional writers think that it’s the same, however, it’s not!

Writing industry is very different, and it’s the responsibility of the writers to first understand the niche, and then proceed with editing to make the book credible for reading.

8. Publish your book on Amazon

Lastly, the most awaited step is to publish the book on Amazon! You can illustrate the ideas, and add as many photos as possible to make it colorful and appealing.

Your target audience are children who are more towards colors, and pictures rather than long paragraphs. You can connect with leading professionals who know the art of publishing any book of platforms.

The platform we are going to talk about is Amazon, and children book writing for Amazon is not that difficult. You can add an author bio where you can mention all of the details that tends to force you to write up that version of the book.

Amazon is a great place for marketing your book, and leaders in the industry would love to add value to your book writing skill.

How can we describe children's book writing service?

One of the selling book genres is children's books, from young adults to children everyone loves to hear a bedtime story, or tell it to their toddlers. However, the target audience for such books tends to be children 0-9 years old.

Captivating pictures in the book will add value to the books, and people would love to read them. In this way, everyone can enjoy an amazing experience where they can actually spend time reading books filled with love and laughter.

Why write a children's book for Amazon?

There are a number of reasons, writers jump into a new niche that is sensitive as well. Writing for children is a hell of a task, because your words are going straight to their minds.

Here are some of the right reasons that will help you become a children book writer:

  1. Children are the present and the future of the nation. Why don’t I use my words to create an impact?
  2. I want to write for children and help them have a better insight towards things.

There are tons of other reasons as well, and if you’re willing to know more then, research a bit more and get your thoughts more clear.

Key Takeaway

And we are done! We hope you enjoyed reading about the ways and benefits of why being a children's book writer is beneficial. If your target place is Amazon, then you have to put in lots of effort to come up with the best version of your writing.

Once you have completed your book, celebrate your success! You have pulled in lots of effort in writing a book that best fits your niche. Take a minute, call your friends at home, throw them a party, and enjoy the moments of success with them. Because you did it, Cheers! Happy writing… Talk to us

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