How are Amazon best book sellers made? - A Quick Guide [2022]

You may be a good writer, and write some amazing copies both fictional and nonfiction but, when it comes to selling books on Amazon, it’s a challenging task.

There are numerous ghost writers available in the market, writing compelling topics based on a strong storyline giving readers a hoke to read further.

You can sell different book formats on Amazon, as a book ghost writer like hardcovers, paperbacks, or even ebooks.

Have you ever wondered how Amazon best seller books are made? Whether it’s a cumulative effort of a ghost writer or some writing agency that is best at offering book writing services?

Do you really know where these amazon best books are made, and how they get the bestseller flags while some are still surviving to move up with their rankings?

It is a good question, especially when you’re a ghost writer and want to succeed in the digital realm with some amazing book writing services.

We usually put the failure of book selling on sale, however, the truth is not always that way! There is a lot more than what we think of it as an individual.

Factors Involving in The Success of Your Amazon Book

Anyhow, becoming the best-selling book on Amazon is a callous process, but it depends on many other factors;

  1. The keywords you have used in the amazon ebook
  2. The category you’ve chosen for the book
  3. The experience of an ebook ghost writer
  4. How well are other books ranking in your chosen categories, so you can write better and outrank them?
  5. The ranking you’re focusing on, whether it’s the print or Kindle rankings.
  6. The books that are on the promotional list, analyzing their pricing and the way the writer has written those chapters.

But wait, these are just a few things there is a lot more than you think of it. To reach the number#1 best seller amazon book spot, you have to be the first one in the book category to learn things and choose the category that is beneficial for your book’s success.

Do you know what makes an ebook ghost writer the best ebook ghost writer for Amazon?

First of all, you as a ghost writer don’t have to think with a mindset that you only want to get your book ranked but, come up with a storyline that can be sold easily in the market. In fact, ghost book writers, or sales people are not the only resource through which you can make money and get your books sold in the market.

However, there is a valuable difference between an Amazon best bookseller, and a normal writer who is writing without any vision. The best Amazon book will be written with a vision and a storyline that will make readers go WOW!

It’s rightly said that, it is impossible to become a best bookseller with a print book, even as a self-published author who is trying all the efforts to be ranked on the top number.

But there is a niche in which you can become the best book seller in town;

  1. A large, pre-existing platform
  2. Enough incentives for the people to buy your book in the first place

But, again it’s not enough. Do you know how much sales you need to make your book outrank competitors?

How many book sales do you need?

How many sales you have to hit requires precision, and critical thinking because while choosing any category you have to analyze the number of sales that have been done to make the book sale proficient.

Keep in mind that the number of rankings on Amazon listings goes up and down based on the number of sales along with how quickly you hit the number!

Here are the two most factors affecting the Amazon best book selling threshold:

  1. The category your ebooks lies
  2. How well and crafted those books already winning the categories are performing.

An ebook ghost writer plays a vital role in this phase. They actually have to analyze all steps along with the practices by which you can make things better for them.

However, always remember to get the orange flag, you don’t have to be a bestseller in the Kindle store only! You have to be the best book seller in all of the categories.

How to become an Amazon Best eBook Seller?

We hope you are now clear with the initial steps, so it’s the right time to move further and start discussing the points that will make your Amazon book the best ebook of all time!

1. Giving visually appealing effects

Before you start with your ebook launch as a ghost writer, do these steps in order to match the client’s requirements.

You should write great, that is undoubtedly the first most priority but the second most important thing is to add these points too.

  1. Eye catching graphics used within the book
  2. A well written author bio, and headshot for the ebook ghost writer
  3. Professional, visual email footer

You must see people focusing more on the content, but visuals play a vital role as well. You don’t have to just focus on the storytelling but try to pen down the points that will make your visuals more appealing and alluring.

2. Get in touch with influencers

The second step is to get in touch with influencers and start making your brain work like a marketer. You don’t only have to focus on the terminologies but look into the basics where one has to use influencer marketing as a key driver for attracting an audience and bringing in more leads.

You know, gone are the days when people were only writing books or offering book writing services to make a value. Now, influencers are followed by millions of people, and they love to know what they’re reading or doing in their daily lives.

You simply have toone thing, connect with those influencers, send the first copy to them and ask for an endorsement.

You can not even imagine how much you can make with just one review from an influencer who has followers in million.

3. Choose Your Categories Wisely

The third step is to choose the category wisely because if you choose a category that is hard to rank then, your efforts will be wasted. You will have to choose the right platform, and category in order to make your book rank well on the Amazon search engine.

Be sure that you’re choosing the right range of categories for your ebook, like choosing up to 10+ categories. Amazon might give you a couple of default category suggestions based on the one you’ve selected first.

It’s totally okay if your book doesn’t stand well with your ebook categories. The most important thing to focus on is the ranking of the top trending ebook categories.

However, if you find a category that is semi-related to you, but it is amongst the top-ranked books then, no worries focus on the numbers you can hit with that category. There are vibrant chances that you can get the bestseller flagship in that category with 40+ sales in the first week.

4. Set Book Promotion Strategy

Lastly, create book promotion strategy that will make your book hit the first 100 in the first week of launch. You have to strategize very wisely because if your launching or promotion strategy doesn’t work out well then, you will be on the side of FAILURE.

Connect with your own networks, and try to make them know about your book. In this way, you are getting those people to join the awareness stage, and make them fall in your marketing funnel.

You can even do email marketing where you can share the first copy with all of your close friends who’re active on social media platforms and love to spend time learning new things.

In return, you can ask them to share a review regarding your book because in this way you’re doing the self-promotion of your ebook which is very beneficial in the early stages.

Do you know what’s the final step when the book launch is over?

As a ghost ebook writer, it’s very challenging to handle the whole book launch process. Once you are done with the book publishing, you can take a deep breath and have some relief.

A successful book launch has a lot of steps, and satisfying the Amazon search engine is another big task that can be done in a few days or even weeks. Book marketers have to work really strategically and come up with strategies that will escalate business, and bring in sales beneficial for book writing.

The formula to book marketing is really simple, use the strategies, do the promotion, and most importantly choose the right category and keywords with maximum results.

Once done, you can earn money and start earning well with the Amazon platform. It’s been used by millions of people worldwide and still, there are people who are keen book readers, so, there is a lot of scope in this domain. Cheers! Talk to us

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